How much more Black. . .

David Cairns over at Shadowplay and a couple of his esteemed readers have expressed some interest in the radio adaptations of Cornell Woolrich’s “prose.”

Since I admire David’s writing and his erudite reader/contributors more or less without reservation, and because I’m badly in need of a theme to start off the blog, I thought I might cash in on his Cornell Woolrich Week and declare this “Cornell Woolrich is made of sound week here at the sparsely appointed Chair.

So, for the next few days, I’ll be posting links to mp3 files of Woolrich radio adaptations with a bit of tersely verbose commentary. Mayhap we can also give some information about radio drama geared towards classic movie buffs who aren’t familiar with the eerie parallel world of broadcasting that flourished along with the movies at the time when American sound film established itself as a classical art.

RadioGoldIndex, the indispensable tool for online research into what classic radio survives in circulation, lists no fewer than 49 episodes adapted from Woolrich’s work. About half of these are from the two CBS anthologies Escape and Suspense. Fortunately for my lazy ass, there is a wonderful blog devoted to those two shows that has covered many of their Woolrich adaptations in detail. The author not only provides fine discussions of the episodes, often summarizing the differences between versions in all three media, she makes the programs freely available for download.

So go over there and read about some programs, listen until you feel nightmares coming on, leave gracious comments, and by the time you get back I may have the first of my own efforts up.

Also, I expect everyone to be able to sing “I Cover the Waterfront,” including the verse.

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